Colorado Animal Cruelty Statistics

Animal cruelty statistics in Colorado are compiled through a variety of means and mechanisms that make it difficult to accurately capture the true frequency, extent or disposition of animal cruelty cases in our state. Currently there is no comprehensive, uniform data collection resource that tracks all of the occurrences and dispositions of the reported animal cruelty cases in Colorado. The majority of animal welfare investigations in Colorado do not result in the filing of criminal charges. In many cases, investigations result in warnings and advisements that may or may not include follow-up by the investigating agency. Investigations also may result in citations, summons, or criminal misdemeanor or felony charges.

According to the Office of the State Court Administrator, in 2011 in Colorado there were:

  • 2268 misdemeanor “animal violations” filings
  • 381 misdemeanor animal cruelty filings
  • 24 district court filings
  • 9 district court animal cruelty delinquency filings

According to the Office of the State Court Administrator, in 2012 in Colorado there were:

  • 2402 misdemeanor “animal violations” filings  (5.9 % increase)
  • 450 misdemeanor animal cruelty filings  (18.1 % increase)
  • 33 district court filings (37.5 % increase)
  • 14 district court animal cruelty delinquency filings (55.5 % increase)

Animal welfare investigators commissioned by the Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection reported the following statistics for the period from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012:

  • 20,804  investigations
  • 988  impounds


To see the report with species breakdown click here.

The above listed statistics are not inclusive of all animal welfare investigations in the state of Colorado.

This interactive map from provides more specific information about Colorado Animal Cruelty Cases.