Animal Cruelty Psychological Assessment Instruments

These instruments that focus exclusively on animal related experiences and include the



• AniCare and AniCare Child: An Assessment and Treatment Approach for

Childhood Animal Abuse, developed by the Doris Day Animal Foundation and

Society and Animal Institute. (Jory, B. & Randour, M.L. (undated). The AniCare Model of

Treatment for Animal Abuse. Washington Grove, MD: Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of

Animals; Shapiro, K. J. (2004). AniCare Child: An approach to the assessment and treatment of

children who abuse animals. Protecting Children 19(1), 24-28.)


• Animal Abusers Interview and Risk Assessment Tool (AARAT), developed by

Phil Tedeschi of the University of Denver School of Social Work. (Tedeschi, P.

(undated). Animal abusers interview and risk assessment tool (AARAT). Denver, CO: Denver

University School of Social Work.)


• Boat Inventory on Animal-Related Experiences (BIARE), developed by Barbara

Boat, Child Trauma Center, University of Cincinnati (Boat, B.W. (1994). Boat

Inventory on Animal-Related Experiences. Cincinnati: University of Cincinnati.)


• Children and Animals Assessment Instrument (CAAI), developed by Frank

Ascione of Utah State University et al. (Ascione, F.R., Thompson, T. M., & Black, T.

(1997). Childhood cruelty to animals: Assessing cruelty dimensions and motivations. Anthrozoös,

10(4), 170-177.)


• Children’s Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Animals (CABTA). (Guymer, E.C.,

Mellor, D., Luk, E.S.L. & Pearse, V. (2001). The development of a screening questionnaire for

childhood cruelty to animals. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 42, 1057-1063.)

• Children’s Treatment of Animals Questionnaire (CTAQ), developed by Kelly

Thompson and Eleonora Gullone. (Thompson, K.L. & Gullone, E. (2003). The Children’s

Treatment of Animals Questionnaire (*CTAQ): A psychometric investigation. Society & Animals

11(1), 1-15.)


• Clinical Assessment of Juvenile Animal Cruelty, developed by Shari Lewchanin

and Ellen Zimmerman (Lewchanin, S. & Zimmerman, E. (2000). Clinical Assessment of

Juvenile Animal Cruelty. Brunswick, ME: Biddle Publishing Co.)


• Cruelty to Animals Inventory (CAI), developed by Mark Dadds (Dadds, M. R., et al.

(2004). Measurement of cruelty in children: The Cruelty to Animals Inventory. Journal of

Abnormal Child Psychology 32(3), 321-334.)


• P.E.T. Scale of the Measurement of Physical and Emotional Tormenting of

Animals, developed by Ann Baldry of the Free University of Amsterdam. (Baldry,

A.C. (2004). The development of the P.E.T. Scale for the measurement of physical and emotional

tormenting against animals in adolescents. Society & Animals 12, 1-17.)