Reporting suspected child neglect or abuse

In Colorado, County human service agencies provide Child Protection Services and are responsible for investigating matters concerning child neglect, child abuse and child sexual abuse (often in conjunction with law enforcement).

  • If you are considered a mandated reporter, you are required by law to report suspected child neglect, child abuse or child sexual abuse.

  • Always call 911 in any emergency situation or when the immediate safety of a child or other persons are at risk

  • If you suspect child neglect, child abuse, or child sexual abuse contact the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline or law enforcment agency in your area to make a report

  • Colorado does have civil immunity protection for good faith reporters

  • The anonymity of reporters is protected

The agency will first screen the information to determine the level of risk or imminent risk and responses are based on priorities categorized by levels of potential harm and immediacy.  If risk is determined to be significant and immediate, the agency will have a worker do a home or community visit (usually with law enforcement) to investigate the situation. Given the “unknown risk” nature of many investigations, close coordination with  law enforcement is advised.


To make a  report:

1. Contact the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.

2. Document your concerns using as much specific information as possible.

3. If you are a mandated reporter, provide your name and contact information

4. Document the date, time, name and phone number of the person who reported to (for your records)