Reporting maltreatment or self harm of “at-risk” adults

In Colorado, Adult Protective Services (APS) units are primarily responsible for the protection of at-risk adults from mistreatment and self-harm.

APS workers often collaborate with families, community agencies or service providers to find solutions to complex issues and are also responsible for the investigation of elder neglect, abuse or situations where an at-risk adult is endangering themselves through self-neglecting or self-harming behaviors.

Considerations for reporting concerns regarding at-risk adults:

  • Colorado law  mandates reporting  suspected maltreatment of  at-risk  adult  ( July 1, 2014)

  • at-risk adults have the right to  refuse  APS services if they are determined to have “decision making capacity”

  • reporters can remain anonymous ( all reporting information is confidential)

  • there is civil and criminal immunity for “good faith”  reporters

  • there are criminal penalties for  false reporting

Some good reasons to make a report:

  • to protect  or prevent an at-risk individual ( and their companion animals) from being harmed

  • to assist an at-risk adult ( and their companion animals) to get  assistance and resources

  • the report may serve as needed corroboration for Adult Protective Services to take action


Colorado Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services webpage click here .

For  a statewide  list of   Adult Protective Services  program intake numbers click here.