Humane education resources

National Organizations

American Humane Association

Latham Foundation

Association of Professional Humane Educators

Humane Education Programs

The National Humane Education Society

The Humane Society of the United States

RedRover Readers

Heart: Promoting Humane Education

Institute for Humane Education


Colorado Organizations

Dumb Friends League: Teacher Resources

Humane Society Pikes Peak Region: Humane Education for Teachers

Books and Articles

American Humane Association (2008). Children and Cruelty to Animals: A Guide for Parents and Teachers on the The Link Between Animal Abuse and Family Violence. Englewood, CO: AHA.

American Humane Association (1995). A Training Guide for Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse for Animal Control Officers and Humane Investigators. Englewood, CO: American Humane.

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Humane Education in Chicago: Students get a new attitude about dogfighting (HSUS)