Legal and Legislative

The State of Colorado has passed a significant amount of legislation that incorporate efforts to protect the welfare of both animals and humans. The following list describes Link issues that Colorado laws currently address:


  • an animal cruelty statute that includes felony level penalties for aggravated animal cruelty
  • an animal cruelty statute that includes sexual abuse of animals
  • an animal cruelty statute that includes service animals
  • an animal fighting statute with felony penalties
  • provisions for court ordered mental health evaluation and treatment for animal cruelty offenders
  • Bureau of Animal Protection commissioned agents empowered to issues summons and complaints
  • civil and criminal protection orders that include pets
  • a dangerous dogs statute that include ownership and registry
  • immunity for good faith reporting of animal cruelty
  • mandated reporting of animal cruelty by veterinarians
  • mandated reporting of suspected child neglect or abuse by veterinarians and animal control officers
  • protection for mistreated, neglected, or abandoned animals
  • statute addressing the care and confinement of animals