Signs and Symptoms of Maltreatment of At-Risk Adults

At-risk adults that are maltreated or harming themselves rely on the eyes, ears and voices of their communities to help protect them from further harm.

The maltreatment or self harming behaviors of at-risk adults can take many forms that can be either overt or covert in nature and thorough investigation is required to substantiate the issues present in a particular situation. The basic categories of maltreatment of at-risk adults are:

  • emotional abuse

  • neglect

  • physical abuse

  • sexual abuse

  • self-neglecting behaviors

  • self-harming behaviors

Knowing the basic signs and symptoms of these forms of neglect, abuse and self-harm are criticial to making appropriate interventions to safeguard the safety of these at-risk adults.

If you observe or have concerns regarding the maltreatment or self-harming behaviors of an at-risk adults you can report it to the either law enforcement or human services.

Learn how and where to report suspected  maltreatment of an at-risk adult in Colorado