Standards of Humane Care

Standards of Humane Care

Animal(s) shall be adequately supervised by the owner/keeper and cared for as to prevent injury, diseases or neglect.

Shelter—Every animal required to have shelter (all dogs, some cats and livestock) shall be provided with shelter that is structurally sound and sufficient to protect the animal from adverse weather conditions. Enclosures shall provide sufficient space to meet the conditions and size of the animal and allow the animal to turn about freely and easily and stand and lie in a comfortable, normal position without contact with defecation or urination. The structure shall be maintained in good repair to protect the animal from injury or unsanitary conditions.

Water—Adequate and potable water shall be available to the animal at all times unless veterinary orders indicate otherwise. Watering receptacles shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times.

Feeding—Each animal shall be provided with adequate sustenance of sufficient quantity and quality to meet the normal daily requirements according to the size and needs of the animal.

Housekeeping—All facilities shall be kept clean and in good repair in order to protect the animal from injury and disease and to facilitate good animal husbandry and the owner shall keep the surrounding areas free of accumulation of trash, debris and waste.

Veterinary Care—Sick or injured animals shall be provided with veterinary care and cared for in a manner that provides for the health and comfort of the animal at all times. Regular veterinary care is the best way to keep a pet healthy. If the animal has not had a veterinary check-up in the past twelve months, suggest the owner make an appointment today.