What is maltreatment of an at-risk adult?

1)  Physical abuse includes hitting, kicking, burning, confining, or restraining an adult.

Possible signs are:

  • Injuries, such as bruises, welts, burns, lacerations or abrasions, fractures

2)  Sexual abuse is sexual activity or touching without the consent or understanding.

Possible signs are:

  • Reported sexual assault

  • Physical symptoms or evidence of sexual injury

3)  Self-abuse is the infliction of injury to the adult by the adult’s own hand or volition.

Possible signs are:

  • Head injuries, hair loss from pulling, self-inflicted cuts or bruises

4)  Neglect is a lack of physical care by a caregiver.

Possible signs are:

  • Improper administration of medications other drugs, and/or alcohol to “control” the adult

  • Malnourishment

  • Dehydration

  • Unclean physical appearance, soiled clothing, bedsores

  • Unsanitary living conditions

5)  Financial Exploitation is using an at-risk adult’s money/property for another’s benefit.

Possible signs are:

  • Unpaid monthly bills, missing incombe or resources, transfer of assets, abuse of a Power of Attorney, denied access to fund

Source:  Colorado Department of Human Services